Why You Need To Find A Good Travel Agent

Now more than ever you need to find a good travel agent. Airline cancellations, hotel and resort closures, travel restrictions, and destination entry requirements vary.

need to work with a good travel agent

There are numerous consumer complaints about online travel sites and their spotty record of customer service recently, and those that just closed up shop never to be heard from again. Past & current issues ranging from unspecified post-trip charges to credit cards, airline tickets being rebooked to the wrong destination after a schedule change, being bounced from one supplier to another to resolve a problem, and hotel reservations not on record when guests show up. Add to that long hold times and dropped calls when needing to talk to a human and a lack of response to questions and complaints.

find a good travel agent

There are numerous stories about how agents saved the day for their clients. Getting them where they needed to go, and then working to get their customers refunds and credits. This is the best reason to work with a good travel agent, advocacy. Travel advisors have relationships with those who make decisions. If something goes wrong you have someone to step in to help you.

People are getting fed up with their online travel experience. Google’s research shows it takes 32 visits to 10 websites just to book a single airline ticket. Don’t waste your time or money; find a travel advisor to work with.

For a complete rundown on consumer complaints and their experiences when booking with an online travel site, read Doug Gollan’s article ” As OTAs Expand Their Reach, A Trail Of Complaints Suggests Online Booking May Not Be The Best Choice For Consumers.”

To plan a future getaway, contact a travel advisor

COVID Travel Updates

Current COVID travel updates as of July 18, 2020.

The Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda is now open. Temperature checks are required upon arrival, and masks are required in the airport. Antigua is a popular tropical destination because of its 365 white sand beaches, crystal-clear water and many popular hotels and resorts.

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Americans can also travel to the Dutch island of Aruba. Travelers from states like California and Florida will be required to be tested for corona virus and upload their results before they leave from the U.S. Travelers in other states can choose to be tested for the virus, at their expense, when they arrive at the airport in Aruba.

The Bahamas are also open to international travelers, but those who arrive in this island nation are required to present a verified, negative covid test that was taken within the last seven days. Expect temperature screenings in airports, and new rules in hotels and resorts.

COVID travel updates

The Dominican Republic, which is home to popular tropical destinations such as Punta Cana. Not all hotels are open yet, so confirm your plans before you get on a plane. Enhanced safety precautions, mask requirements and temperature checks will be performed at the airport upon arrival.

The island nation of St. Lucia began the first phase of its reopening in June. You will have to present a negative COVID-19 test result from the last seven days upon arrival. Also, you will need to complete a travel registration form prior to departure.

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Travel Deals – Too Good To Be True?

A recent article in the Washington Post shows how one traveler thought he was getting a great deal on flights to Puerto Rico; that turned out not to be the case. His flights actually cost him more with the additional fees charged and he soon realized that travel deals that seem too good to be true, aren’t.

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If you find a deal that interests you, do your homework before you book. Research to verify the company, location of the resort or hotel, and check online reviews. Read the fine print; here you will find hidden information such as daily resort fees, additional fees charged by rental car companies, cruise line gratuities and service charges for specialty services. All of the hidden fees can add up and make the travel deals you find too good to be true.

find a good travel agent, why you need a travel agent, travel deals too good to be true

This is why a travel advisor is your best advocate. We have done the research for you. Know the destinations, the resorts, and the cruise lines. Tell you upfront of any additional fees that are not included in your travel package. We only work with reputable suppliers that we know will deliver on the vacation experience that our clients want.

If you find a deal online, and it looks too good to be true, it probably is.