7 Great Tips for Packing Light

Excited for your next trip but dreading packing? Maybe now is time to rethink how much you pack. Checking bags can cost you a lot of extra money and lost bags can create stress when it’s time to relax. Bulky roller suitcases and overstuffed carry-on bags with hiking boots and water bottles dangling off the side can make you miserable when you are navigating busy trains, cobblestone roads, crowded sidewalks, unexpected stairs, and more after you leave the airport.

Traveling light allows you to enjoy the journey instead of just the destination. You can be a little more spontaneous along the way, change flights if there are delays, stop for lunch at that cute café while walking to your hotel, or grab a cab to take an unexpected detour that ends up being the highlight of your trip. So get ready to travel better with these seven pro tips for packing light.

7 great tips for packing light

First, create an outfit plan and then your packing list

Focus on items that can be used for different outfits and situations. Think about items that are multi-use, easy to layer, and quick to hand wash. Find tops, bottoms, and shoes that are versatile and that you can easily mix, match, and layer. Your packing list should also help you avoid panic packing – because you don’t have a good plan – you just keep shoving things into your bag that you end up not needing. Definitely make sure that larger items can be worn as part of different outfits.

Plan to wear your larger items while you travel

coats, boots, and sweaters can be worn while traveling, used as a pillow, keep you warm on a chilly airplane, or stowed in the overhead bin if not needed.

Wash while you travel

Wash some of your clothes while you are traveling to reduce the number of items you need to take. It can be expensive to send clothes to the hotel laundry, but you can wash smaller items things yourself in the sink. Socks, underwear, swimsuits, and workout clothing wash easily and dry quickly. You can purchase laundry detergent sheets before you go that are light-weight, non-liquid, and work great for small amounts of clothing washed in your sink or tub. Sea to Summit Pocket Laundry Wash leaves and Lazy Coconuts Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Strips are my favorites!

Buy lightweight clothing

Almost everything is available now in smaller, lighter versions that work well for travelers. Quick dry shirts, travel pants, lightweight running shoes, etc. are all available at a range of budgets – Target, Costco, REI, and Lululemon all carry great products to fit a range of budgets. I never travel without my Eddie Bauer lightweight waterproof rain jacket (which I usually pair with a thin fleece jacket) and Merrell Trail Glove running shoes.

Your phone can be your biggest weight saver

Download movies, maps, books, magazines, travel guides, movies, and shows to your phone or tablet device. If you must bring your laptop, charging cubes are available that can be used for all of your devices that are much smaller and lighter weight than the charging cord that comes with your computer.

Rethink your suitcase

People pack more if they have a bigger bag. Look into something smaller and versatile. I like to travel with a backpack roller suitcase – check out the Osprey Fairview and Farpoint Travel Packs – they give you the convenience of a wheeled suitcase, with the ability to carry it on your back like a backpack!

Finally – relax!

Most necessities will be available at your destination if you forget something critical. Shampoo, soap, and extra toiletries are usually available at your hotel, short-term rental, or from the local store. It can be great fun to go to local thrift stores and flea markets to supplement anything you need once you arrive.

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