Honeymoon packages designed just for you

Customized packages for awesome couples who want a unique experience

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No two honeymoons are the same; every package should reflect the couple, their interests & wants. A certified honeymoon planning specialist will design a honeymoon package that is just for you.

The process is simple; contact us, tell us the amount you are comfortable spending, if you know the destination or are open to suggestions, what optional activities you would like to experience, and we do all the work for you.

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Today there is so much information available online when booking travel; don’t suffer from information overload, wind up in a time suck and question if you are getting a good deal and is it the right destination or resort.

If you are interested in a travel package that reflects who you are & what you want, know the full price upfront (no last minute surprises), and want to work with someone who will have your back; then you need to be working with a honeymoon planning specialist.

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Michele was incredible to work with! We highly recommend her!!! When I started the process to book our honeymoon it became exhausting and tiring. I decided to go the route to find a travel agent. As soon as I put in the request, it was a Saturday night. I received a fast response from Michele at Lucky n love travel. We kept exchanging messages to iron out the details. I was so surprised and happy to have the start of our booking in the works. Over the next few days and week Michele was so responsive anytime I needed her. We are now looking forward to our fabulous honeymoon at a great price all thanks to Michele. She even sent us a care package with our document information!!! She really does care about her clients!! Thank you Michele for everything!! Sonya R