Holiday Travel Tips

The holiday season is here and here are some of our top holiday travel tips

holiday travel tips

  • Pack light – we can always get by on less than we think we need to bring and it gives you the chance to purchase & splurge on some items while on your trip
  • Arrive at the airport early
  • Download a travel app for destination recommendations, maps & tips to stay organized
  • Make copies of all important documents
  • Make your bags stand out – opt for a color that isn’t traditional, use colored ribbon or a unique luggage tag
  • Purchase travel insurance
  • Bring a pen – you may need one to fill out customs forms
  • Earplugs & a sleeping mask – makes catching some sleep on a plane much easier
  • Bring Ziploc bags – to store wet swimsuits & dirty clothes
  • Purchase a portable travel charging station to charge all your devices at the same time
  • Pack a few bungee cords to secure a broken suitcase if it happens & if you are on a cruise, you can use it to hold open your balcony cabin door
  • Pack dryer sheets – they repel bugs! Just rub them on your clothes & tuck one in your pocket to ‘refresh’ when needed
  • If you will be transporting gifts, make sure they are unwrapped in case TSA needs to inspect them. Full TSA holiday travel rules & tips.
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