Why You Need A Travel Agent

If you are like many others that we have worked with, you may think of trip planning as DIY. There are too many websites to count that allow you to book flights, make hotel reservations, book sightseeing activities, etc. So why do you need a travel agent in the digital age? We offer an invaluable service that the online sites don’t and can’t offer; personal guidance and expert recommendations.

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According to the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), the top three reasons people work with a travel expert are to save time planning, avoid mistakes and improve their overall travel experience. ASTA conducted studies that showed on average people saved 3.5 hours in planning and more than $300 per trip by working with a travel advisor. That’s $300 you have to plan some fun destination activities or add some special amenities.

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Additional benefits of working with a travel advisor & specialist

Speak with a real live person, personalized vacations, access to tour operators who do not sell to the public, services you can’t find online, and professional recommendations based on inside knowledge.

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Engagement Season Is Here – Congratulations!

Recently engaged? Congratulations! The month of December is the most popular month for engagements, and 1.4 million couples honeymoon every year. Couples want to find the best destination, the perfect resort and have the travel details taken care of for them so they can just enjoy their trip. This is why the services of a dedicated, experienced, and customer focused honeymoon travel specialist are priceless!

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Honeymoon Facts & Figures

On average, a honeymoon is 14% of your overall wedding budget. Length of a honeymoon is 8 days. Most popular U.S. destination is Hawaii. Most popular foreign destinations are Jamaica, Mexico, the Bahamas, Italy, and France. Couples spend on average $4, 466 on their honeymoon.

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Travel can have all sorts of surprises, which is why we suggest you work with an experienced travel agent. Find an experienced agent who is a certified honeymoon travel specialist and has specialties for destinations that you are considering.

A travel agent will listen to you, make specific recommendations and find you the best value for your honeymoon budget. Try to get a website or an app to do that!

If you need a referral for a local honeymoon travel specialist, we are happy to provide you with one.

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