Why We Travel

The top reason why we travel for most people is to explore new destinations and experience different cultures. This world of ours is massive and very diverse. Each destination has unique landmarks, architecture, natural wonders, local flavors, and different experiences. We vacation to surround ourselves with and experience all those unique things.

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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” – said, Saint Augustine. You learn about the culture of the countries you visit. If you talk to locals, you will learn about their traditions and history. Experience things that you could never experience at home. You will see beautiful places and landscapes, meet new people, and your way of thinking may change. You may try activities that you have never tried before. After returning from a trip, you will definitely see the place you call home with new eyes.

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We help you explore the places that will make your heart and soul sing the loudest. We have real-world experiences around the globe and create authentic moments that bring out the best of each destination. When you’re ready to start planning, we will be here for you. If you already know where your next adventure will take you and are ready to start planning, submit a travel request form.

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Booking A Trip Online Will Cost You More

The internet is a wonderful thing and all of the online travel planning sites available have made it easy for consumers to research, plan and book a trip. Did you know that booking a trip online will cost you more? More in money and especially in time spent. What is your time worth?

booking a trip online will cost you more

Consumers get overwhelmed with all of the options available when trying to plan a trip online. Do you really want to visit 38 sites to make sure you are getting the best deal? Your travel advisor is a one-stop-shop for all the information that you need. We have already done all the work for you. We know the resorts, the best & most fun activities in your destination, and we personalize your trip itinerary just for you.


When you book online you have to pay the full cost up front no matter when you will be traveling. If you book with a travel advisor, you make a deposit and can make payments along the way interest-free until the final payment is due.


Online travel sites do not let you lock in the price or save your space until you make the full payment. A travel advisor can put your reservation on hold to give you time to confirm & coordinate with others.


ASTA (the American Society of Travel Advisors) conducted a poll. 63% of consumers responded that working with a travel advisor made their overall trip experience better. Read what some of our clients had to say about their experience working with us.


Each trip that we help plan is personalized to our clients; no two trips are exactly the same. We have access to offers & benefits not available to the general public or online travel sites because of the relationships we have with our preferred travel suppliers & partners.

Booking a trip online will cost you more, not just in money and time. Have you ever booked online and had something go wrong during travel? Were you able to get a resolution to the problem? Your travel advisor is your advocate. Our job is to help you every step of the way.

Happy travels wherever you may go!



Travel Deals Too Good To Be True

These days it’s pretty easy to find cheap travel deals online. A search of “caribbean cruises” or “all inclusive Mexico vacations” will turn up thousands and thousands of results. Do you have the time to sort through and verify all of those results? With so much information on the web, tread lightly if you don’t know the source.


Be aware of online travel scams and resort walk policies; the property booked can move you to another hotel. A professional travel advisor will help you avoid your dream vacation being turned into a nightmare.

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Online travel sites are a good resource when you are first starting to plan your next trip to get an idea of what type of resort or destination you might be looking for. Take that information and contact a travel advisor who will help you sort through it and select the best options for you. Dedicated travel professionals spend several weeks every year traveling and obsessively testing the travel products that they sell. They make the travel mistakes so you don’t have to.


There are numerous consumer complaints that have been filed regarding travel booked online. Here is just one example that caught our attention; “Booked thru Expedia for the Flamingo resort in St Martin. The pictures look great, the rooms clean and neat. Upon arrival we noticed an odor, had mosquitoes swarming us and the room was less than clean and far from the pictures we saw.”

We would not have recommended this property to our clients. Buyer beware because the travel deals you find online are not always what they seem.

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If you value your time and want a better travel experience, contact us today.