Travel Deals Too Good To Be True

These days it’s pretty easy to find cheap travel deals online. A search of “caribbean cruises” or “all inclusive Mexico vacations” will turn up thousands and thousands of results. Do you have the time to sort through and verify all of those results? With so much information on the web, tread lightly if you don’t know the source.


Be aware of online travel scams and resort walk policies; the property booked can move you to another hotel. A professional travel advisor will help you avoid your dream vacation being turned into a nightmare.

travel deals

Online travel sites are a good resource when you are first starting to plan your next trip to get an idea of what type of resort or destination you might be looking for. Take that information and contact a travel advisor who will help you sort through it and select the best options for you. Dedicated travel professionals spend several weeks every year traveling and obsessively testing the travel products that they sell. They make the travel mistakes so you don’t have to.


There are numerous consumer complaints that have been filed regarding travel booked online. Here is just one example that caught our attention; “Booked thru Expedia for the Flamingo resort in St Martin. The pictures look great, the rooms clean and neat. Upon arrival we noticed an odor, had mosquitoes swarming us and the room was less than clean and far from the pictures we saw.”

We would not have recommended this property to our clients. Buyer beware because the travel deals you find online are not always what they seem.

travel deals

If you value your time and want a better travel experience, contact us today.