A Symbolic or Legal Destination Wedding?

Planning a destination wedding has some challenges. The biggest question you need to consider; do you want a symbolic or legal destination wedding ceremony.

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Legal Ceremonies

In countries where Spanish is the primary language, there is an additional cost for the translation of all required documents if they are in English

There is a separate fee for the marriage license that varies by country

Certain destinations may require a blood test

The fee for the officiant or Minister is additional

You will have to record your wedding with the appropriate government office where you live when you return home

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Symbolic Ceremony

The only additional cost to have a symbolic ceremony performed is the fee for the officiant

Our destination wedding couples have their legal ceremony performed at home


Most resort wedding packages only include 25-30 guests (including the wedding couple). For each additional guest, you will have to pay an additional cost.

If you want to use wedding pros that are not ‘preferred’ vendors for your chosen resort, you will be required to pay an offsite vendor fee. The offsite vendor fees can range anywhere from $500 to $1,500.

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Wedding Costs 2019 – Plan a Destination Wedding

According to a recent report by Value Penguin, the average wedding costs $29,858; depending on where you live the cost of your wedding can vary significantly. Twenty five percent of marriages are destination weddings and the average budget for a destination wedding is $28,000.

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In the northeast region of the country, in New York for example, wedding costs range from $45,000 to $88,000. The most reasonable wedding location is Mississippi at $12,769. The largest at home wedding expense, your reception venue. There are ways to help reduce wedding costs by being flexible, willing to compromise and selecting more affordable options.

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Destination weddings have gained in popularity because they are more intimate with less guests and many couples view it as a way to see new places. A destination wedding does not have be on a beach or island, it could also be in another state where you don’t live as a way to help reduce the cost. If you are considering a destination wedding, the earlier that you start the planning process you will have more options and better prices available.

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Wedding Trends For 2018

Modern couples are breaking with “tradition” when planning their wedding. Here are the top wedding trends for 2018 according to a recent study conducted by The Knot Real Weddings.

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Couples have done away with the notion of a “brides side” and “groom’s side” for their wedding ceremony and more couples are having a mixed gender wedding party. Having a theme or color scheme are gone, it is all about the overall look and feel.

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It has to be fun! Romantic and fun are the top two adjectives couples are using to describe their wedding day.

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Guest experience is at the top of the list. More couples are hiring the services of a wedding planner to help put their vision and the experience together.