The Best Places To Celebrate New Year’s

The Best Places To Celebrate New Year's

Well, it’s over. We rang in the new year, and I hope it was one to remember. There are plenty of great places to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but if you’re looking for a place with an edge that will just leave you breathless then look no further than some of my favorite places! If you’re looking for inspiration for next year, read on for my list of the best places to celebrate New Year’s. If you decide to host a New Year’s party in any of these locations, you may need to order champagne and other alcoholic drinks, prepare good food and and even set up a cigar bar for your guests.

the best places to celebrate New Year's

Celebrate the New Year in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Vienna.

The German word for New Year’s in Austria is Silvester. The bell at St. Stephen’s Cathedral rings in the New Year. As the sound from the bell’s chimes fades away, fireworks across the city light up the night sky. Make sure to have some marzipan pigs to swap for good luck.

the best places to celebrate New Year's

Barcelona, Spain. Known as Nochevieja, it is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated celebrations in Barcelona. At exactly midnight, 12 bells ring, and traditionally 12 grapes are eaten to ring in the New Year and bring you good luck.

the best places to celebrate New Year's

At the top of my list is London. Join the world-famous London New Year’s Eve fireworks near the London Eye, or head to one of London’s restaurants, bars, or theaters to celebrate. Take a cruise along the Thames, and dance the night away with a view. Book in advance to attend one of the many parties.

To start planning your celebration for next year, reach out to me.