A Very Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

Just back from a wonderful stay in Cancun & the Riviera Maya where we had the opportunity to participate in a beautiful symbolic wedding ceremony. Our host resort was Sandos Caracol and the ceremony was a traditional handfasting at the edge of the resort’s beautiful cenote.

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Handfasting is a centuries old Celtic tradition. The term “handfasting” comes from the tradition of the bride and groom joining hands, creating the infinity symbol. During the ceremony, the officiant will join the couple’s hands with a cord or ribbon, thus binding them together for infinity.

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In some cases, it may be simply a symbolic wedding ceremony. The couple declaring their love for one another without the benefit of a state license. Other couples may choose to have it tied in with a marriage certificate issued by a legally authorized party.

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One benefit of having a handfasting ceremony is that it’s not the same as a legal wedding. This means there are more options available to people in non-traditional relationships. Anyone can have a handfasting, including same-sex and transgender couples.

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